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  • Why Techkon Products are at the Top of the List When It Comes to Colour Control?

    For printers, quality managers, brand managers, prepress - Techkon is always the first they will reach for to complete colour process control and quality assurance.

    Colour Control and Quality Assurance

    Techkon handheld and scanning measurement instruments are able to show you a pass or fail according to international, in-house or customer standards. Combined with ChromaQA, easy to use, but sophisticated quality assurance solution is able to show printers and quality managers the colour results from production on press as it happens.

    Alternatively link your Techkon with top of the range Mellow Colour PrintSpec (CMYK), InkSpec (Spot colours) and Impression Proof for cloud based remote colour approval without having to leave your office or do an onsite press check! With Techkon make ready times are reduced, colour consistency and accuracy is improved, re-prints or re-makes are reduced, press utilisation is increased all of which brings you significant savings in paper and ink. Colour issues and problems are detected earlier in print production.

    Technon product

    Ease of Use and User Experience

    Techkon provide instruments that are fast, accurate, and the most comfortable & effective colour measurement tools to use in the pressroom or in prepress.

    Press operators consistently prefer Techkon to the standard press manufacturers devices they have used previously. Techkon's close attention to detail in the product design process ensures the best user experience. End user feedback from the field, incorporating real world work environments makes, means Techkon the number one choice where critical colour management is required.

    Technon product

    Third Party Connectivity

    Techkon believe that their open connectivity approach is in the best interests of their customers and end users has always believed that an open approach is far better for our customers.

    With strict adherence to measurement mode standards it is no coincidence that Techkon measures like those from the largest competitor thus ensuring interchangeably at any point across the print production workflow.

    Additionally, Techkon instruments connect seamlessly to a vast array of third party colour quality software applications. Techkon's global network of software development partners is always increasing with commitment to an open approach moving forward.

    First Class Service

    Techkon and their worldwide partners place the greatest importance on exceptional customer service. Customers require our responsiveness and willingness to help so they can succeed in business. Techkon and their global partners utilise extensive customer, industry and product experience to provide highly personalised advice and guidance through the sales process and anytime you need support.

    To realise the full benefits of the TECHKON SpectroDens, SpectroDrive, SpectroPlate and DENS instruments please contact us at info@colourgraphicservices.com

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