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MYIRO is the new colour management product range from Konica Minolta. Colour Graphic Services is the reseller and channel partner to promote, distribute and support MYIRO across ANZ.

What is MYIRO?

IRO is a Japanese word that translates as Colour - MYIRO is for you!

Colour Management (CM) has always seemed hard to do – requiring specialist training, labour and skills to be performed successfully.

MYIRO changes that – making Colour Management easy, user friendly and at the same time accurate!

The object and assignment of MYIRO is to make Colour Management:

  • Innovative - to make it easy
  • User Friendly - to put the fun back into it
  • Accurate - to deliver to results you require
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MYIRO-1 is a new and ingenious handheld spectrophotometer. For many years now PrePress and Graphic Arts users have had to put up with a couple of choices - a high cost accurate device or lower cost spectro’s that could vary a lot for reliability and provide inconsistent measurement.

MYIRO-1 changes that!

The MYIRO-1 system provides accurate, repeatable measurement at an entry level price. It measures how you see colour and outputs all the M standard conditions in a single pass scan. That’s M0, M1 and M2 is one scan.

MYIRO-1 measures printed colour, ambient light and does monitor calibration.

MYIRO-1 has wireless connectivity for complete flexibility to measure charts and samples where need to you without being anchored to the host computer. No more limitations of USB cables.

MYIRO-1 will improve what see before you print by incorporating a high end monitor calibration software license for unlimited display profiling.

MYIRO-1 oblique left MYIRO-1 measuring oblique MYIRO-1 measuring straight
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MYIRO-9 is the reference instrument for many major printing machine manufacturers.

It combines speed, automation and extreme accuracy when you need to measure profile charts and control strips with a minimum of fuss in a hurry!

MYIRO-9 is incredibly FAST - 1500 patches in just 4 minutes.

MYIRO-9 completes measurement modes M0, M1, M2 is one pass - single scan.

MYIRO-9 is resourceful and functional

  • Measure just about any profile chart and control wedge
  • Adaptable to a wide variety of substrates
  • Virtual Fluorescence Standard for non-standard viewing environments

Offers a choice of connections

  • USB and Ethernet connection

MYIRO-9 is Repeatable and Accurate

  • Automatic wavelength calibration
  • Temperature drift compensation
  • Self-check function
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MYIROtools - colour management software available for Mac or Win in the Basic or Advanced versions with Colour Management Tools for:

  • RGB, CMYK Print and Display Profiling
  • Quality Control for proofs, PSO and G7 Uniformity

MYIROtools Basic can:

  • Measure with MYIRO-1, MYIRO-9 and other KM instruments
  • Supports XML, CGATS and CxF formats
  • Analyse for Quality Control compared widely used industry standards
  • Create high quality RGB, CMYK and Device Link profiles
  • Perform Monitor Calibration at the highest level utilizing the best, easiest and professional level software in its class – basICColor Display 6
  • The monitor calibration module is integrated into MYIROtools and works with every MYIRO-1 without an additional license!

MYIROtools Advanced includes all of the above and additionally functionality:

  • Save custom Analyse settings
  • Create configurable Device Link Profiles
  • Customizable profile settings for:
    • Neutralize OBA Edit White Point
    • Select SCCA Ref Profile
    • Optimize Measurement data (Intelligent Smoothing)
    • Select Profile Size
    • Adjust Black Point
    • Adjust TAC (total area coverage)
    • Adjust Black Generation (GCR)
    • Adjust Gamut Mapping
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