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CGS - FaviconIs Your Colour in Casualty?

Sometimes colour reproduction just seems to go away with the fairies! It happens in even the best managed print, wide format, photographic and brand situations. Let's face it; colour management is a very involved science.

Maybe that Pantone® or special colour looked right on screen but you just can't match it in print. Even if you do, other colours seem to go out.

Your colour is in casualty and needs some intensive care! There is only one answer:

David Crowther - The Colour Doctor
  • Experienced and trade qualified colour scanner operator
  • 15 years installing and training on advanced prepress systems
  • 15 years installing and training on drum scanners
  • 10 years implementing digital proofing systems to replace analogue chemical proofs
  • Over 1,000 ICC profiles created
  • Member of Australian TC130 committee
  • Certified Idealliance G7 Expert
  • Certified Idealliance G7 Expert Instructor
  • Certified Mellow Colour ISO 12647 Proficient Printer auditor
  • Fogra trained for PSO - proofing and offset print
  • X-Rite trained and certified on Prepress and Print products
  • Chromaticity trained and certified for colour management systems and trainer/instructor
  • Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor

As with medicine, diagnosis is the key and there are very few colour management professionals who can go back to basics and track colour problems down to their origins. The Colour Doctor is equipped with diagnostic tools that no one else in Australia has access to. The 'patient' is examined, measured and a report that clearly identifies where the problem is starts the road to recovery.

Colour Graphic Services Casualty Colour Service is here to help you get colour back under control quickly – and keep it that way.

When your colour is in casualty – who are you going to call?
+61 400 123 398

CGS - FaviconX GAMUT

Achieve accurate spot colours and vibrant images - easily and openly using CMYK+X

CGS Publishing Technologies International GmbH

Spot and custom colours are commonly used by brands to maintain and improve product loyalty. Spot colours are especially distinct but working with them requires some training and investment. You need to carry increased inventory, prices are pushed up, frequent colour changes, and successive wash-up and press downtime all add up. You lose flexibility in processing jobs processing which significantly impacts workflow and production.

CGSlogo cgs oris rgb kombi

This results in your printing press(es) not realising full production capabilities, costing you time and money. With CGS-ORIS X GAMUT, completely automated colour management workflow software you can achieve extended colour gamut printing on digital and conventional presses. Spot colours are accurately reproduced by utilising a standard fixed ink set of 7 or 8 colours (CMYK+X). Usually orange, green and violet are added to CMYK.

No more chaos and confusion with special ink mixes. The production process is smoother - no more press wash ups, changeover times are greatly reduced, and your ink inventory and waste is reduced. Overall X GAMUT really reduces costs for you the printer and for your customers.

The benefits of X GAMUT do end there with accurate reproduction of spot and brand colours. The extended software features and smart workflow tools in X GAMUT allows printers to achieve the full gamut of the press and ink set combination - photographic images can be printed with complete detail, as captured, without the need for special inks. Full gamut photo printing can be realised as well!

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Why is predictable colour output important?