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Techkon Core Belief: Erfolg ist messbar [success can be measured]


30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high quality measurement instruments have made TECHKON a competent partner and leading solution provider for colour measurement.

TECHKON are an innovative company, which is managed by its owners in the second generation. Values such as reliability and long term orientation are reflected in their corporate culture and services.

Colour Graphic Services are an authorised and certified partner to promote and support the Techkon measurement instrument range.

All Techkon instruments are manufactured to the highest quality standards and come with a 2 years manufactures warranty.

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Techkon Dens

The DENS is an entry level colour densitometer, but it still unifies three devices in one. It is a colour reflection densitometer for CMYK color prints, a film transmission densitometer and a high-precision illuminated magnifying glass for the visual control of printing results.

This cost effective instrument allows everyone to perform fundamental densitometric quality control on the basis of the reliable high accuracy well-known from all TECHKON instruments.

The DENS indicates densities, dot area and grey balance clearly legible on a large colour display. Automatic colour and grey balance detection speeds up the measuring. In addition the device is easily operated by only three buttons. The whole measurement is provided in a split of a second.

LED technology, durable and energy-saving, is used as light source. A multi-channel colour sensor evaluates the measuring signal guaranteeing inter-instrument agreement with high-class spectrophotometers.

The integrated Li-Ion battery can be recharged quickly via the USB cable on any USB port and delivers energy for a few thousand measurements.

To meet the demands of a printing rooms harsh environment, the compact casing of the DENS is made of solid aluminium making it very robust. Despite its solidity, the DENS nevertheless weights only 330 g and thanks to its ergonomic and elegant design it is more than a user-friendly and precise measurement tool – it is an eye-catcher.

Techkon Dens - Colour Densitometer Techkno Dens
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TECHKON SpectroDens New Generation

Techkon SpectroDens

The SpectroDens (a Spectro-Densitometer) is the all-purpose modern spectrophotometer device that you will turn to first for every application from pre-press to print. Whether it for checking and verifying proofs in pre-press, for ongoing QC press side, during delivery inspection of paper and print products or in a colour lab, SpectroDens is exceptionally well suited, whatever your application.

SpectroDens combines the qualities of a highly accurate spectrophotometer and an easy-to-use densitometer. Measurement is spectral, i.e. the entire colour information, the spectral fingerprint of the colour, is precisely recorded.

The device works strictly according to the international standards valid for the Graphics and Print Industry. The Ugra/FOGRA-media wedge can be measured and checked to the desired proof standard and print measurements can be completed to the relevant ISO print condition. Additionally, the SpectroDens toggles between colorimetric measurement without polarization filter and density measurement with polarization filter at the push of a button.

The SpectroDens can spot measure and/or scan a colour strip without any extra hardware – the device includes guiding wheels. The scanning function is standard across all models.

The Windows software SpectroDens Connect supplied with the instrument clearly displays measurement data collected via the USB or wireless ‘Lan’ on the computer screen.

The SpectroDens spectrophotometer is the best-in-class device for your press room, prepress dept, quality dept or ink Lab.

SpectroDens New Generation
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TECHKON SpectroDrive New Generation

Techkon SpectroDrive

The TECHKON SpectroDrive spectrophotometer, with its automatic colour and density measurement capabilities is the perfect solution to substantially increase press productivity by ensuring consistent print-to-print colour accuracy throughout the press run.

The system consists of two components: The motorised measurement system scans the complete colour bar on a printed sheet within seconds and simultaneously sends the spectral measurement data wirelessly to the PC where all relevant information for controlling the printing press is displayed. A unique feature of SpectroDrive is it is flexible to be used with any press type or format. TECHKON SpectroDrive is delivered as a complete turn-key system.

The SpectroDrive is the ultimate press side spectrophotometer able to scan colour bars anywhere on the sheet (grip edge, tail, middle of sheet – anywhere!) and take spot measurements from the track or as a handheld device.

The TECHKON ExPresso software offers a comprehensive toolset comprising measurement of CMYK and spot colours, support of up to 16 print units, support perfecting presses, display of colour density, dot gain, grey balance, L*a*b*-values and recommendations on how to adjust the ink on the press. There is much more that rounds out the complete functionality. Thanks to its modularity, TECHKON ExPresso is expandable and versatile.

As a full spectrophotometer the measurement data can be exported as spectral or densitometric into other software applications that connect real-time to printing presses to enable a "closed loop" turn-key solution, such as PRINTFLOW.

SpectroDrive New Generation
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TECHKON SpectroPlate

Techkon SpectroPlate

Measurement and checking of offset plates is a key component to print process control. The TECHKON SpectroPlate utilises microscopic image capture and processing in a compact hand held instrument.

The extraordinary high measurement accuracy of SpectroPlate is determined by the quality of the optical system and the performance of the image processing algorithms. Thanks to the excellent image capture quality and the ingenious graphic calculations, SpectroPlate can read precisely any screen size and screen technology: FM, AM or Hybrid screen. The spectrally white illumination and dynamic colour evaluation permits reading all kinds of plate types and coated surfaces.

The supplied Windows software connects the device to a PC, via USB. Measured values and transfer curves are displayed and stored and measurement data can be imported directly into popular spreadsheet apps. All measurement data can be used directly for linearizing your CtP system. Additionally an enlarged view of the microscopic images of the plate can be saved.

The SpectroPlate is virtually maintenance free. It is available in two different types of performance packages: The entry-level model Start is for dot percentage measurements on all popular types of printing plates. The Expert-version additionally features the recording of complete transfer curves and the possibility to analyze geometric objects within the device. The Expert version also has the capability to measure ‘processless’ type plates. The Start-version can easily be upgraded to the Expert-model by a post-purchase upgrade.

All devices are factory-calibrated to the official reference UGRA Plate Measuring Reference PMR resulting in high long-term absolute accuracy and an excellent inter-instrument agreement. Additionally, time-consuming calibration procedures prior to measurements are obsolete.

TECHKON SpectroPlate
TECHKON SpectroPlate TECHKON SpectroPlate
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