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  • What TECHKON are Known For

    Why Techkon?

    Techkon is a German based manufacturer - considered to be the innovation leader in colour measurement hardware (densitometers, spectrophotometers and plate readers) and colour software solutions for the global print community.

    Who are They?

    With a track record of 30+ years of continued technological excellence, Techkon products are chosen for their high degree of measurement speed, accuracy, repeatability, reliability and ease of operation in all sectors of the printing industry (sheetfed, headset web, newsprint, flexo, gravure, digital, wide and grand format).

    Techkon's unique colour measurement solutions serve a wide range of customers in commercial, corporate and package printing facilities, and ink manufacture. Techkon handheld devices provide the perfect entry point into easy-to-use, precise colour control. Techkon's high-end scanning devices have led to highly successful implementations by leading OEM press manufacturers and large commercial printers, yielding dramatic gains in quality, productivity and cost savings.

    With an innate understanding of critical issues in colour print reproduction, Techkon's entire product line is recognized by leading industry organizations, and its products are positioned as the colour measurement tools of choice for the printers around the world.

    There are five key areas where Techkon instruments set them selves apart and and ahead of the competition.


    Techkon devices are designed to be quick, responsive and easy to use. Whether you are making a measurement, calibrating the device or simply powering it up, not having to wait each time is a big convenience in your daily production usage.

    Speed comparison for Techkon SpectroDens and a leading competitor

    TECHKON speed chart


    Techkon use a colour measurement engine with unique design characteristics with high-intensity LED and a large sensor area that maximizes light collection. This is particularly important for dark samples and/or with use of polarizing filters which lowers light intensity. Devices that have low repeatability, the measurements can become "noisy" - similar to photos taken in low light.

    Repeatability comparison for the Techkon SpectroDENS and leading competitor (Lower DE CIE Lab is better)

    TECHKON measurement chart


    Techkon handheld devices feature a solid-state design with no moving parts. They come with a 2-year manufacturers warranty and normally require service and re-calibration at 2-year intervals.


    Another important factor is ergonomic design that delivers immediate benefits. For example, the side-view design of SpectroDENS allows easy targeting of color patches. Colour bars and wedges can be easily scanned by sliding the device.


    1. Less moving parts
      • No external moving parts for taking measurements
      • Easier to align over target
      • Less chance of damage if dropped
      • Not an antiquated clam shell design
    2. Optional WiFi wireless communication
      • Transmits measured data wirelessly using industry standard WLAN network protocol
      • No geographic restrictions
      • Customer installation
      • Available for purchase at any time
      • Arguable better than bluetooth which can be severely restrictive and forbidden in various geographic locations
    3. Integrated charging and calibration plaque
      • Self manages charging battery
      • The New Generation SD uses the latest LiFePo4 battery technology for contactless inductive charging
      • Calibration is customer replaceable
    4. Repair and recertification services
      • Turn around usually 2-4 weeks
      • Loan instrument provided whilst your is away*
      • Lower cost fixed price service and recertification
      • *subject to availability
    5. Free software and firmware upgrades
      • Available from the Techkon website or contact us for help and assistance
    6. Scanning
      • The SD Premium comes with scanning function at no extra cost
      • Scans control strips and industry standard wedges
      • Unique 4 wheels controls scanning in a straight line
      • No need to attach any kind of scanning fixture
    7. Optional Measurement Apertures
      • Available for purchase at any time
      • Customer installable

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