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David Crowther - The Colour Doctor
  • Do you have trouble with inconsistent printed colour?
  • With digital print are you surprised at the colour when you print? Are constantly having to adjust your customer's file, do a trial print, make another adjustment, do another trial print and continue on this path until you think the colour is right?
  • Are wasting valuable production time with bad colour when you print?
  • Do you have time to do costly re-prints because your customer is not happy with the colour the first time?
  • Would you like to achieve standardised colour across multi print environments such as offset, digital and wide format?
  • Have you always wanted predictable, accurate and consist colour?
  • Are you tired of colour surprises?
  • Do you want save money on materials when you print?

We can help you with the above with on site colour consulting services, training and products to put you back on the road to predictable, accurate and consistent colour.

Contact us now to find out how we can help you sort out your colour problems.

At Colour Graphics Services our portfolio of consulting and key product offerings include; Idealliance G7 Master Qualification for ALL CMYK print processes, G7 Certified Expert, G7 Expert trainings, ISO 12647 implementation and certification, Colour Quality Management in print consulting, Colour Management technical support, ICC profiling for ALL devices, CGS-ORIS product sales and technical support, Mellow Colour product sales and support, Techkon product sales and support, Myiro product sales and support, Printflow product sales and support, JUST Normlicht product sales and support, EIZO product sales and support and X-Rite product sales and support.

Incorporating Idealliance Australasia; As the local affiliate partner of Idealliance, we provide local assistance, support, G7 Expert training and G7 Master Qualification services. The Idealliance is a transformational industry association for print and packaging, working with brand owners, content and media creators, agencies, designers, material suppliers, OEMs, technology developers, and service providers The Idealliance serves the graphic communication industry by creating superior industry training and certification programs, developing professional standards and specifications, and redefining workflows for the entire print and packaging supply chain.

Colour Graphic Services have been heavily involved in the promotion of ISO standards into the Australian/New Zealand Graphic Arts and Print market. David also donates his valuable time to sitting on the Australian section of TC130 (a joint venture between LIA & PIAA) to ensure Australian printers can compete on the global market with colour quality and control.

COLOUR GRAPHIC SERVICES PTY LTD; ABN: 67 108 281 223 Incorporated in 2004, an independent colour consulting service provider for the printing, graphic arts and communications industry. Product & Brand offerings include; CGS-ORIS, Mellow Colour, Techkon, JUST Normlicht, Printflow, Myiro, Eizo and X-Rite.

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What we do...
What We Do
A ‘Calibrated’ print workflow = predictable result
predictable result
Why is predictable colour output important?
Why is predictable colour output important?