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  • Techkon of Königstein/Frankfurt, Germany, manufacturers of ultra-precision colour measurement instruments, has appointed David Crowther's Colour Graphic Services as its dealer for Australia and New Zealand.

    Crowther will travel to Techkon's headquarters in December for thorough technical training. He already uses Techkon instruments for his ISO 12647 certification and other colour calibration work in the professional photography, advertising, graphic design, printing and packaging fields.

    "It is a privilege to be working closely with Techkon, which is a company that shares my passion for colour accuracy at every stage of production. Like so many other German - engineered products, the quality of Techkon spectrophotometers and densitometers is outstanding, with several innovations not found elsewhere," says Crowther.

    Techkon's latest development is a unique three-in-one colour densitometer that combines reflection and transmission measurement with a high-precision illuminated magnifier. Called simply the DENS, it weighs only 330grams, is compact and portable and enables anyone in the production chain to check densities, dot area and gray balance. Crowther notes: "It's a tool that every printer and prepress technician should have instead of a plain loupe. The Li-Ion battery is good for 10,000 measurements per charge. It's a 4x loupe on steroids, really!"

    Techkon SpectroDens

    Techkon SpectroDens

    Other Techkon product include the SpectroJet, a wheeled spectrophotometer for precise measurement of colour control bars. It is fully ISO compliant and features a retractable polarizing filter. Colour and density data can be transferred to a PC via USB, to any program or to Techkon's own ExPresso software. For longer control strips - up to 2 metres - a track system for the wheels is available.

    Techkon SpectroJet

    "There is also a very nice Techkon plate reader which I have been using extensively," says Crowther, "it can measure all types of screening; FM, AM and hybrid and even film and paper. Dots can be enlarged and examined and there is even an option for measuring low-contrast processless and chemistry-free plates."

    Techkon SpectroDrive

    The Techkon range is rounded out with the SpectroDrive, a motorised press-side spectro-densitometer for reading page-wide strips and the SpectroEdge inline spectrophotometer for on-press web quality control at up to 1,000 feet per minute; including flexo for packaging.

    Techkon Spectrophotometer

    "I will also visit the Techkon Innovations Lab where I will learn about the new ColorCatcher App for smartphones that enables any colour to be captured, matched and specified in CIE Lab and sRGB values. Techkon is really ahead of the colour game!"