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  • Before You Buy Your Next Handheld Densitometer Ask These Questions…

    Purchasing a handheld densitometer can be a major cost to any commercial or packaging print company. Careful consideration is required to ensure ROI so that you end up with the right device that fulfils your print business case.

    • Can I Get a Warranty Longer than 12 Months?

      A manufacturers warranty of at least 24 months provides peace of mind in the event that any repair is required. And is there an option of a free loaner unit whilst mine is being repaired? We recommend you get a 24 month manufacturers warranty.

    • Does the Densitometer have an LED Light Source?

      An LED light source enables fast, accurate and stable measurement across M0-M3 measurement conditions. This is imperative with the increased usage of optical brighteners in substrates. LED's have a much longer life span compared to incandescent bulbs which contributes greatly to reduced service costs.

    • Can the Apertures be Changed by the End User?

      Choosing the right size measurement aperture for the job at hand is critical. Maybe you can only use small 3 x 3mm colour patches on your production work. Having the ability and option to change the measurement aperture yourself can save you valuable time and money. And can you purchase the additional aperture(s) at any time, after you have purchased your densitometer?


    • Does the Densitometer have Functionality to Scan a Colour Bar or Colour Strip?

      This should probably be your first question! The ability to scan colour bars, with built in scanning functionality, built in tracking wheels on the underside of the device, can provide you with improved efficiency, less down time and increased production.

    • Is the Included Software and Firmware Available for Free Upgrades?

      There should some included software that enables reporting of measurements compared to a standard or reference colours. But importantly are the software, and device firmware upgrades available to download and install for free?

    • Can the Densitometer be Repaired and Serviced Locally?

      Whether your device is under warranty or not, local repairs and service can save you time and money compared to shipping the instrument off shore.

    • Is There Free Access to Technical Support, Help and Advice?

      The set up and usage of any new colour measurement device can take a little time. Managers and operators have learn new functions, new processes and get comfortable with the technology when measuring colour print. Can they make a call for free on line help, phone and/or email support?

    • Can the New Device Support a G7 Workflow?

      A densitometer that has the preset targets to support G7 set up for digital, wide format, offset and flexo is going to be very beneficial. No extra software required - G7 implementation in a snap!

    The questions covered here are the ones we would suggest you ask your local instrument supplier, and, of course, you may have more of your own...

    To realise the full benefits of using a Techkon Spectro Plate and the colour spectrophotometer and please contact us at info@colourgraphicservices.com

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