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  • The Benefits of the Techkon Spectrodens for Packaging Printers

    How good is the SpectroDens? Where to start?

    A handheld Spectro-Densitometer (which means it is a spectrophotometer and densitometer), easy to use, enable to quickly find and give guidance on how to fix colour issues, improve and decrease make ready costs and complete advanced & precise colour quality from the beginning to the end of the production print process.

    What are the Main Benefits of the SpectroDens?


    1. Designed with Comfort and Efficiency in Mind

      We often find that once a new user picks up and starts using the SpectroDens they are relieved to find how comfortable and intuitive the device is. The design is unique and way ahead of its time!

      Many existing instruments have two hinged parts so that they open and close like a 'clam shell'. These older type handheld devices often lack the measurement speed required in today's fast paced work environment. they can be heavy and awkward to use with little being done to improve their functionality and how they have operated over time. SpectroDens, on the other hand is comfortable, designed with efficiency in mind a quantum leap in ease of use.

      SpectroDens has the measurement aperture on the side, a patented benefit. This effortlessly provides the operator with immediate visual recognition that the instrument is placed correctly over the area to be measured. Compared to the 'up and down' movement of other 'clam shell' devices for realignment this makes SpectroDens comprehensively quicker for aiming and completing the measurement process.

    2. Functionality for Spot and Scanning Measurement Built Right in

      SpectroDens incorporates special hardware with accurate and correctly placed wheels positioned in the underside of the device that enables spot measuring and/or scanning of colour strips (bars) just over 1 metre in length (max length to 109 cm - around 43").

      No additional hardware is required for changing from spot to scan measuring compared to other devices on the market. No extra expense, No fiddling around with extra bits and pieces! The ease of changing from spot to scanning is quick accomplished by pressing a button. In this regard the SpectroDens is way more economical.

    3. Trustworthiness - Security - Soundness

      Can we put the above into one word? Probably, but...

      SpectroDens provides complete trustworthiness due to its special spectral sensor which contains no rotating parts or movement that can be subject to deterioration and breakage over time.

      SpectroDens ensures security with construction and architecture from the ground up to be used in severe and sometimes unpleasant print room surroundings. The device casing is machined to exacting standards from one piece of aluminum to heighten and enhance dependability.

      SpectroDens gives you soundness of mind with accuracy, consistency, repeatability and reliability in spectral and density measurement.

    There are many more fascinating benefits of the SpectroDens for packaging printers, but space and time does not allow us to go on infinitely. Check out our website at www.colourgraphicservices.com

    To find out more about colour management or even the Techkon SpectroPlate please contact us at info@colourgraphicservices.com

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