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  • Sydney February 25th 2020 - Colour Graphics Services, the Australian distributor for Techkon colour measuring instruments, is please to announce the availability of Techkon's ChromaLT - a 'lite'; version of the Chroma software.

    Designed for small and mid-sized packaging printers who are looking for an affordable solution that is easy to deploy in the pressroom, ChromaLT is the ultimate companion software for press-side spectrophotometers and makes matching color on press quick and easy. ChromaLT guides operators on how to get a match with either specific ink density adjustments (G7 verified) or by toning the ink when density adjustments need supplementing.

    Techkon's ChromaLT

    Operators will appreciate color matching feedback that is easy to understand, actionable, and with clear Pass/Fail indications. When the job is done, the measurements are saved and a report can be generated for the quality department or the end customer, showing that colors were printed in tolerances and the job was a success. ChromaLT improves print process efficiencies by removing the color matching guesswork, cutting make-ready times, and ultimately increasing profitability.

    Features include:

    ChromaLT Report

    • Centralisation for the storage of colour standards by organizing into and Libraries
    • Adding new colours via measurement, import from file, or text entry
    • Searchability for colours by name or by deltaE threshold
    • Rationalisation of "clean" colour standards database with the Search by deltaE feature to find duplicates and similiar colors
    • Picking of colours, setting the deltaE tolerance for each, and either Save or Run the job immediately
    • Choosing up to 8 colours per job and set the deltaE tolerances for each
    • Measuring colours in any order and ChromaLT automatically identifies the correct colour standard in the job
    • Instant PASS/FAIL and color difference results with easy to understand graphics
    • Get actionable feedback with InkCheck technology which provides specific density adjustments to achieve lowest possible deltaE on press
    • Creating reports for internal and external stakeholders
    • Reduction of trial-and-error with actionable feedback and clear direction for operators

    David Crowther of Colour Graphics Services notes: "Techkon ChromaLT represents excellent value for such an advanced colour management software application and works seamlessly with Techkon SpectroDens. It is available on either a yearly subscription or outright lifetime purchase."

    Measuring With ChromaLT



    Captions: Techkon's ChromaLT in press-side operation