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  • Colour Graphics Services is pleased to announce that Techkon, an innovation leader in densitometers, spectrophotometers, and software solutions for the global print and packaging communities, has released new SpectroDens instrument firmware which includes the ISO's new method for the calculation of Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV).

    David Crowther of Colour Graphic Services says: "So far, Techkon is the first and only colour measurement provider to implement this important new ISO standard, known as ISO 20654:2017, on their devices. It makes a huge difference to accuracy when reproducing spot colours in print."

    Spot Color Tone Value (SCTV), defines a metric for assessing intermediate tones of a spot ink. This method for the calculation of spot colour tone values produces approximate uniform visual spacing of tones between substrate and solid ink values.

    Crowther says: "This new industry standard, ISO 20654:2017, has been designed specifically for spot colour inks and to replace older methods of dot gain/dot area calculations which fall short when used with spot colour inks."

    He adds: "The addition of the SCTV feature further solidifies the SpectroDens as the leader in its class of colour measurement devices. Furthermore, all existing SpectroDens users can benefit from the SCTV firmware upgrade. Both Techkon and Colour Graphic Services are committed to providing free technical support, free training, and free firmware and software updates - we take colour very seriously."

    Techkon SpectroDensExisting SpectroDens customers or those wanting to become SpectroDens users with the new ISO spot colour function can contact Crowther on 0400 123 398 or info@colourgraphicservices.com