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  • MYIRO Tools Basic and MYIRO-1.

    Sydney March 4th 2022

    Colour Graphic Services, the Australian colour management, G7 Expert and ISO specialists, also dealer for the highly-rated Myiro spectrophotometers in Australia and New Zealand, has announced a trade-in offer on any older spectrophotometer or colorimeter, to a Myiro-1 complete with Myiro Tools software, scanning/spot colour ruler USB cable, calibration cap, mini tripod for monitor calibration and downloadable spectrophotometer configuration software and storage case.

    David Crowther, Managing Director of Colour Graphic Services says: "As someone who is passionate about correct colour in the print and packaging sectors, I like to see people using the right tools to measure, profile and calibrate. I have not found a better instrument for this than the Myiro-1 together with Myiro Tools software. Many printers are using outdated, inadequate or out-of calibration spectrophotometers and colorimeters and wondering why colour is still not right."

    Crowther continues: "To change this paradigm, for the month of March, we are offering 15% off the price of the Myiro-1 with Myiro Tools software as a trade-in allowance for any older measuring device. This equates to between $550 and $700 saving, to upgrade to the best hand-held spectrophotometer/software combination available in the world today!"

    MIT Display Tripod

    The Myiro-1 bundle can come with either Basic or Advanced Myiro Tools software, which is then owned outright. Colour Graphic Services (CGS) requires the serial number of the trade in device and the device has to be sent back to CGS. The discount is applied at time of purchase.

    Trade-In pricing is:

    • Myiro-1 with Myiro Tools Basic: $3,209 ex-gst (normally $3,775)
    • Myiro-1 with Myiro Tools Advanced: $3,927 ex-gst (normally $4,620)

    Crowther adds: "We can be a bit flexible with the March 31st cut-off due to the current shipping and flood situation. I am confident that anyone upgrading to the Myiro-1 bundle will experience colour accuracy they have never seen before."

    MYIRO-1 and Ruler Chart