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  • 'The Colour Doctor' David Crowther of Colour Graphic Services (also Idealliance Australasia) has introduced two special offers to help and assist printers around Australia to standardise their colour and benefit from the savings that brings.

    Crowther says: "With the start of the new FY there can always be some uncertainty around continuity of work and production from print buyers. Therefore, we would like to step in with a couple of colour standardisation offers that brings huge benefits to printers of all types - small, medium or large - offset, digital, wide format or flexo".

    First and foremost, the offer (or Offer 1) includes full training and set up of a print device to ISO 12647 or G7 or another standard of your choice. Included is a copy of Mellow Colour PrintSpec for CMYK colour control, calibration and verification. Additional Mellow Colour software modules, InkSpec (for spot colour control and verification), ProofSpec (for contract proof verification) and RetroSpec (allows the analysis of trends and accurate process tuning).

    Additionally Offer 1 will include Idealliance G7 Master qualification - this is the worlds leading certification and highly sought after by print buyers globally. The Idealliance G7 Master qualification can be completed across the chosen choice of print process - Offset, Digital, Wide Format, Flexo, etc and includes a web listing, certificate and use of G7 Master logos for the print company's marketing, etc.

    This Offer 1 is the 'full bottle' - Crowther adds: "We are providing the tools, the instruction, the training, the support and Idealliance G7 Master qualification which would normally require some significant investment to complete. It still requires some planning, resources and commitment from the 'printer', but it is completely achievable - and it is at a never to be repeated price point!"

    Standardising colour quality in print to G7 or ISO 12647 needs time and energy but the ROI can be realised quickly. Reduced make ready in offset, repeatable and consistent colour, reduced wastage, increased productivity, less re-makes or re-do's due to colour complaints or colour errors and improved customer satisfaction.

    If you don't have a suitable measurement device (spectrophotometer) then you opt for Offer 2.

    Offer 2 includes all of Offer 1, and also includes the fantastic Myiro-1 handheld spectrophotometer, and Myiro Tools Advanced software for additional colour measurement, analysis and complete colour profiling. The Myiro-1 combines unparalleled accuracy and ease of use unheard before with entry level spectrophotometers. It captures the colour behaviour of all your print samples and outputs all the M-conditions you require in just one scan pass. It has wireless connectivity for greater flexibility. When used with Myiro Tools you get high end CMYK & RGB profiling for all print processes, and user-friendly QC for production, proofing. Integrated into Myiro Tools is basICColor display 6 for monitor calibration and profiling! The Myiro-1 also interfaces to the Mellow Colour software suite for direct measurement, verification and colour quality reporting.

    Crowther adds: "These two special Offers are at never to be repeated, almost below cost prices. We have worked hard behind the scenes to make these Offers available and attractive to Print Service Providers. We are confident you will not be disappointed in taking up our special Offers"

    Like any special offer available today, there are terms and conditions that apply to the Offer pricing.

    Please contact David Crowther on 0400123398 or at info@colourgraphicservices.com for more information.