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Mellow Colour

A global network of colour management professionals standardising colour critical Packaging & Print.

Mellow Colour Ltd was founded in 2003 by Alan Dresch, a specialist in colour reproduction. Mellow Colour provide colour quality management systems for some of the worlds most colour critical Brands, and technical training for some of the worlds best Print and Packaging suppliers.
Our key strengths are implementation of global print quality standards, including ISO 12647, technical training and fine tuning of colour management systems.

Mellow Colour have an international support structure of hands-on print professionals that deliver ISO 12647 standardised colour quality systems on a world-wide basis.

Our colour quality systems are developed in-house, based on the latest technology and the changing needs of the print supply chain. At Mellow Colour, we like to think that our combination of colour management software, systems and training is the most advanced solution currently available for both Brand owners, and Printers.

The long term aim of Mellow Colour is to provide colour management systems, tools and training to help the colour critical print and packaging industry get in-line with other industries, where lean manufacturing and critical process control are the differentiators that separate the best from the rest.


Your partner for quality control in print

TECHKON GmbH is a leading manufacturer of opto-electronic measuring devices for the printing industry. Over its 25+ year history, the company located in Königstein near Frankfurt / Germany, has experienced steady growth to become a premium supplier of densitometers, color measurement systems and software solutions for applications in pre-press and print.

Thanks to their exceptional user-friendliness, high measuring accuracy and reliability, TECHKON measuring devices are prominently represented in all areas of the printing industry. Technical leadership has been achieved through especially customer-oriented product development and the use of innovative development and manufacturing techniques.


Just Normlicht endeavors to be the dominant supplier of visual color matching systems worldwide and offering state-of-the art, German-made products at value prices to the Graphic Arts Industry

Just Normlicht is creating a communication platform for all people working professionally with colour within the graphic arts industry. The visual impression of a colour can be changed dramatically by changing the lighting conditions. That means for professional colour matching of proofs or slides: Standardized light is needed! For more than thirty years Just Normlicht has been producing high quality light for the graphic arts industry.


EIZO accurate monitors to a wide range of industries including Graphic Arts and Print Production. Products such as our FlexScan® high-quality LCD monitors deliver a high degree of added value and for the demanding graphics market, ColorEdge® calibrate-able LCD monitors

The EIZO Group is committed to continually fulfilling customers' expectations by proposing and offering high quality products, services, and solutions.

CHROMAtrain Colour Management Training

Our new brand, CHROMAtrain, can provide a variety of on site and class room style courses. All of our courses have a structured outline, objectives, means and outcomes. Depending on the type of course, it can include hands on sessions, with equipment, software and specialized measurement hardware (spectrophotometers, colorimeters and densitometers). Our aim is to ensure that the key concepts and main points of each course improve, and expand, the skills and knowledge of each attendee. We complete each course with an exam/test (written and multiple choice), together with practical modules, to reinforce and demonstrate the colour theory learnt can be put into hands on usage. Customized courses colour management and theory courses can be developed to suit your staff, requirements and needs

Colour Cures

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A ‘Calibrated’ print workflow = predictable result

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